3D Obsession is a 3D print bureau specialising in printing cosplay-related items.

We can print custom designed pieces or source the appropriate piece for your cosplay.

Our printer range includes both FDM (filament) and DLP (resin) printers. This means we can print single pieces up to 32cm x 50cm using a range of filaments including PLA, ABS, PET and nylon. Our resin printers can print highly detailed pieces down to 25 micron - detailed enough for small figurines.

For larger props we can print and combine multiple pieces to form a seamless single part.

Printing wearable pieces such as corsets and other clothing parts is possible through the use of flexible filements or patterned chain mail style fabrics.

You can purchase your print in the raw form for finishing yourself, or you can have us finish and paint your piece.

We can also custom design pieces that aren't readily available.